Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Friend: The Crockpot

So sorry I have been MIA for almost a month now!  I guess you have figured out by reading this that I am still alive.  It's been a busy month combined with nausea and fatigue (it feels like someone zapped all the energy out of me!).  I am hoping since my second trimester is quickly approaching that these things will magically go away.  A girl can hope, right?  And, really my nausea is getting much, much better.  So, that is giving me hope too!

Anyways, I have been doing a lot of crock pot cooking.  I usually use it at least once a week because of the convience and ease of it, but lately it's been more like a couple of times a week!  When you are nauseous it is really awesome to throw all the ingredients in and not have to deal with the smells very much!!!  When you are tired it is great to just have dinner magiclly ready without much work. :) So, yeah....the crockpot is really my friend right now.

One of our Africa friends was over one day while I was putting stuff in the crockpot and he asked what it was and I explained it to him.  He thought about it for a second and then he dubbed it "the lazy women's cooking pot" while smiling very big.  My friend: the lazy women's cooking pot!  It sure gave me a chuckle and hopefully it did you too.

So, I hope to be back to posting more regularly again.  Hope to "talk" to you again real soon.

Kind regards,
P.S. As I was posting the crockpot picture I ran across this picture:
It made me really want one again.  I think it has to do with the pickles.  We can't get dill pickles here and they just sound so tasty with that awesome chicken sandwich! ;)
P.S.S. Please excuse any spelling errors (of which I am sure there are MANY).  My spell check thinks I am French at the moment and is not being much help.