Creativity Unleashed

This is where I hope to share creative projects I have done or am working on.  We have just moved into a new house and I am looking forward to trying some new creative projects.  Check back soon!

This is  also where I will share my humble attempts at photography as I strive to learn more.  Tips or advice are always appreciated!

{My Attempt at} Scrapbooking:
Scrappin' for Memories' Sake

{My Attempt at} Upcycled Crafting:
Cute & Crafty Coloring Carry-All

{My Attempt at} Photography:
African Village Pictures:

Everyday Pictures:
Muffins & Paper City
PW's Funny Photos Asssignment

Nature Pictures:
Rainy Season

{My Attempt at} Decorating:
Fall Decorating

{My Attempt at} Party Throwing:

Pioneer Birthday
Piglet Birthday

Kind regards,