Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Decorating

Item # 751 I wish I would have crated to bring to Africa is more seasonal decorations.  I crated a very few for each some of the major holidays and I am thankful that I did at least that.  In the states I really enjoyed changing things up for the different holidays (even if it was just some little changes). Yesterday I was inspired by all the cool projects at the CSI Project to get the small amount of Fall decorations I brought out and begin to look for other creative ways to decorate here.

I started simply with a sign (I think I got at the Dollar Tree a few years ago) on the front door.

I had brought these fake sunflowers and the fall ribbon (that I think I used to make a wreath once upon a time, but didn't bring with us).  My dilemma was that I had not one vase.  (Even if I could find one here it was likely to be super expensive and extremely gaudy.) So I set to looking around my house and decided upon one of my empty sugar canisters.  I took off and stored the lid.  I put ribbon inside the canister to hide the horrible flower stem and added some around the lip of the canister.  Then I printed out Ecclesiastes 3 to go around the canister and cover the "sugar" engraving.  I then put it in the middle of the kitchen table on top of a not-that-pretty but hugely functional yellow vinyl tablecloth.

When you enter our house right now we have the ugliest painted green desk that we bought off someone.  It is in desperate need of a redo, but I haven't figured out how and where to buy paint and supplies yet here, nor have I had the time, so I am procrastinating it.  For now I make sure to always have a tablecloth covering the hideous green monster.  Thankfully one of the Fall items I crated was a beautiful orange tablecloth which perfectly covered up the green monster.  Then I put the fall runner I had purchased at a great sale at Kohl's before we left.  (I really love their seasonal table decor and they usually have some really great sales on it.)  I added some fall produce (to which I am a little unsure exactly what they are I know some kind of pumpkin or gourds) I purchased at one of the many sellers on the side of the road, one of the sunflowers I had brought from the US, a basket I bought here, and lastly (because I knew something was missing) I added the Little Sojourner's Max Lucado book "The Oak inside the Acorn."

I am looking forward to looking around the area we live and trying to be creative with items I can find here in more Fall decorating.  Fall is by far my favorite season and even though they don't really have it here I am going to celebrate it anyways!

Thinking Fall,
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