Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Embracing Moments of Friendship

Recently we went to a celebration, in a village we had not yet been to, with one of our friends.

As we were watching the festivities this sweet little girl kept touching us and trying to get out attention by calling, "White person!"  Each time we would turn around and greet her in the local language giving her big smiles.

Eventually, she became comfortable enough to come closer to us.  She practically came and sat on my lap.

  Little Sojourner took this all as meaning that she had a new friend; that she immediately embraced.

 They were curious of one another.

But, despite their language and cultural differences they had a great time keeping each other company for the afternoon.

The way children embrace situations like this will never cease to amaze me.

Today I am unwrapping this sweet moment with Tuesday's Unwrapped over at Emily's.

Kind regards,


  1. This is amazing - I bet they were quite taken by each other. Such a neat thing to witness.

  2. Awe... this is precious. I love the enthrallment of cultures!

  3. Thank you for the prayers/comment! I love this picture of your daughter meeting a new friend! How wonderful, truly wonderful!!

  4. I love how they are admiring one another!

  5. I love this moment. So wonderful. :)

  6. ahh .. this post made me smile! The sweet innocence of children!

  7. This is wonderful -- and I love your daughter's strawberry-blond hair!

  8. what sweet pics!

    we are over here in thailand, and i totally get the being stared at. people take pictures of our three blonde children all the time and touch their hair and stare . . . it takes a bit of getting used to! glad to have found you, via emily's site.

    take care, Laura


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