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Thursday's Travel Tales & Tips: My Trip to Kenya Pt. 2

A day late (because I didn't actually realize it was Thursday until I was heading to bed...oops!) but still looking forward to hearing your travel stories and advice.  Maybe you want to share about a trip you have taken (like I did about Kenya last week) or you want to share about the places you would love to see like Alicia did last week?  You can read the rules and then link up at the bottom of this post.  You have until Monday to link up. 
Today I want to share two of our favorite places that we went while we were in Kenya (they are especially favorites of the Little Sojourners!).  Both were not far outside of Nairobi.

The first is called the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  Is is a trust for orphaned endangered animals (most commonly elephants and black rhinos).  They raise the elephants until they are old enough to be able to function in a herd when released back into the wild. 

It is only open to visitors from 11-12 daily because they are trying to not allow the elephants to get too used to being around so many people.  (Except I understand that if you sponsor/foster one of the orphans you can schedule a special visit on Thursdays to see the orphans bedtime routine.)  If you get a chance to go I would suggest getting their early so that you can get in line and not miss anything.  It is 300 kshs (roughly $4) to get in which is a great price.  You can also donate more or buy some of their t-shirts, postcards, prints, etc. to support the trust.

The keepers parade the baby elephants out together in groups of size.  I believe this was the smaller sized group.  They are so adorable!

Each orphaned elephant has their own keeper who basically functions as their mother until they are weened.  They go everywhere and do everything together.  The keeper even sleeps with the elephant in it's stable.  You can tell through their interaction how attached they are to them.

You are able to touch and pet them if you are close enough.  The Little Sojourners thought this was so cool.  (OK, me too!)

They share some of the stories of the elephants.  Some of their mothers were killed by poachers, others got lost from their herd, many different sad stories.  But, it is really neat hearing about their rescues also and how they are thriving now.  (Of course all of this is in Kenyan English which takes some getting used to.)

Little Sojourner still talks about the elephants even eight months later.  She asks to hear about their Mommys and Daddys.

The next place we went to was called the Giraffe Center.  It has a viewing deck where you can feed and pet the giraffes.  The cost to enter was 700 kshs (about $9-$10)  for adults and 250 kshs ($3-$4) which I thought was a bit steep for what it was, but it was still very worth it.

 Right on the land of the sanctuary there is a hotel called Giraffe Manor.  I think it would be an amazing place to stay.  Though I am sure it is way out of my family's price range, it is still fun to dream right?!

 The giraffes come right up to the observation deck and eat out of your hand.  Their tongues are very long and feel kind of like sand paper.  If you are really brave, you can kiss a giraffe.  I was not that brave.  Neither was Mr. Sojourner.  Neither were the Little Sojourners.  But, we saw lots of people do it and it is a very popular thing to do.  We are just not trendy enough.

The Little Sojourners were up and down, down and up the observation deck following the giraffes and trying to get another turn feeding them.  This was Daisy.

She was the hungriest giraffe there and the Little Sojourners fed her about ten tons of food, I think.

So, if you ever get the chance to go to Kenya; check these places out.  If not, you can just dream about kissing a giraffe or petting an elephant.

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  1. wow! we think the petting zoo is fun, but my babes would go NUTS to pet elephants:)

    i like to hear that they keep visits to a minimum. sometimes i feel bad for how non-zoo facilities treat animals, but that sounds like a great place and so fun for kids (and adults;)


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