Monday, September 20, 2010

Cutie Patotie

 This cutie comes to see us tied to the back of her older sister (the sister is somewhere between the age of 6-8 I would say) and doesn't seem to be frightened of us (as are many village children becasue in their words we are "so white!") as long as her big sister is close by.  The Little Sojourners just think she is adorable and love to play with her.

She has an extended or swollen belly button.  We see that a lot here.  I think it is caused by a hernia, but I am definitely not an expert.  I wonder if there could be any other causes.

Sometimes I wish I had a medical background so I could help the many in need here.  Other times I selfishly think that if I did, I would probably be more overwhelmed then I already am at the sight of so many in need.  I pray everyday that He would help me to make a lasting difference; no matter how small.

Here she is with big sister.  Aren't the two of them beautiful?!

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