Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Piglet Birthday Party

(Credits: Blythe Evans' "Pink Pigment" Digital Scrapbook Kit.)
I took this adorable picture of my Little Sojourner and then made this invitation and printed it as 4X6 postcard to send out to the guests.
I couldn't find a piglet dress so we went for a pretty pink dress and this cute piglet bib for the party.
One of my best friends is very talented at making cakes and she has often makes the for my Little Sojourner's birthdays.  This particular time she talked me and walked me through making the cake and letting me do as much as possible by myself.  She showed me how to take design how you would like it to come out and then she helped me how to execute it.  She showed me how to plan out and carve the shape, mix the colors and ice the cake as smoothly as possible.
She showed me how to decorative edge the bottom for a nice clean look.  Then I added the writing.
We used pink plates, pink plastic ware, pink cups, pink tablecloth; pink everything!  (That made it super simple.  I like simple.)  Even the inside of the cake was a pink strawberry cake.  Yum!

It was a great way to celebrate my little piglet's 1st birthday!
Thinking cake,


  1. great job making the cake! I have had a few failures in make my kids birthday cakes, but yours turned out GREAT!

  2. That cake is amazing! Good job, girlfriend.

  3. How adorable!!! I love it! Your daughter is SO precious!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a visit. Your thoughtful words meant so much to me. :-) I love you blog and your approach to life! I am so glad I stopped by! I will be back...I am becoming a follower. Its great to meet another sister in Christ! God bless you and your beautiful family!

  4. oh what a darling daughter and cake!!

  5. OOPS! My comment was supposed to be here, lol...

    Love the cake, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. So pinkalicious!

    If you're interested, I just started a Wednesday link-up for moms to share about a day in the life of their homeschool. I'd love for you to share a post or two @ http://alisonagnew.blogspot.com/2010/09/ordinary-days-link-up.html



  7. Oh my gosh, that piglet cake is SOOOOO CUTE.


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