Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Team Work, Poop Talk & Laughter

Yeah, you read that right.  Let me explain.  Oh, and apologize ahead of time; I'm sorry!

Ms. Sojourner buttering garlic bread, Mr. Sojourner working on the spaghetti sauce, picture me at the sink working on dishes {because that is where I was before and after the taking of this picture}, and Middle and Little Sojourners were behind me in the dining room playing, occasionally getting stepped on helping, and still adding to the conversation.

Last night it was a group effort to get dinner on the table.  (I love me some help in the kitchen by my awesome family!)  It always leads me to want to sing, "What's going to work?  Team work!" from the Wonder Pets.  (Did that phase ever hit your house?)  We were cooking some spaghetti and garlic bread, doing the dishes, and chatting it up.

"How was your day?"  "What did you do today?"  "What happened at school?"  "Guess what I did today!" etc. etc.  All the fun family talk.  Then, somehow, but not abnormal for here; the talked turned to poop, as it sometimes does.  There was talk of frequency which ended with this great interchange.

Middle: "I pooped at school last year but I haven't at all this year."
Ms.: "Oh, you only poop at home now?"
Middle: "No, neither."
Ms.: "You haven't pooped at all this year?!"

Which ended in about ten minutes of laughter by all of us.  Man, I love moments like that!  Even if it starts with poop conversations.

{Disclaimer: I have to explain a little more so you don't think we are crazy or worse.  It has been our experience that when you are a Western overseas worker living in a third world country you just begin to talk a lot of poop.  It happens. Somehow you lose your BM modesty and talk poop together.  It usually doesn't matter where you are or if you are eating.  This Western politeness loses out here.  For now, we are embracing this weirdness (that we never possessed before coming here, re-read that part one more time, I promise it's true); I'm just hoping we remember it when we go back!}

So, today I am unwrapping the gift of family time and laughter (even if it is about poop).  What small or big gift are you unwrapping today?  Come on over to Emily's and join us for Tuesdays Unwrapped.

Still laughing,


  1. I think talking of poop is probably more normal than some of the Dr. conversation we had at our table growing up. :) Ever heard of the book, "Everyone poops?" lol. Fun family times.

  2. Hehe! This is so ironic, because I am actually having problems with my daughter who just started preschool - she refuses to go potty at school (won't even pee!). Perhaps I should take a more humorous look at the situation!

  3. So funny! We have a lot of poop talk around our home as well. :)

  4. This made me laugh. :) What fun times...

  5. LOL There is nothing better than those family laughter moments. I love that! I love laughing with my family... what a blessing! :)

  6. Kristina Joy, I haven't heard of that book but I have to go look it up now!

    Elizabeth, we definely had the opposite problem. Up until recently I felt like Middle Sojourner had to poop in every bathroom we came to (which was not a fun thing in Africa). Then Little Sojourner decided she wanted to pee everywhere we went (on the side of the road and in every stinky hole dug for going to the bathroom). I think maybe we are over both and my nose is thankful! I hope your little girl gets more comfortable to be able to go at school.

    Melissa, so glad we aren't the only ones!

    Alicia, just wait until Squishy gets bigger. ;)

    Jennifer, they are such great moments!

  7. how funny ... my husband and i sometimes laugh about how our conversational habits have changed since the potty training stage.

    we also find ourselves mispronouncing things, to meet up with what The Boy calls them ... oh, the joys of parenthood.


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