Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Holding Hands

Mr. Sojourner & Me; picture by Jenny Monier.

I didn't realize just how much I loved to hold Mr. Sojourner's hand (and how often we had held hands) until we moved to Africa and it was no longer culturally appropriate.  We do our best to be culturally appropriate here and I think that is a good thing, but there are days I miss things like wearing my jeans and holding Mr. Sojourner's hand.  We recently took a ten year anniversary trip to London and that was the beginning of my realization of how I missed being able to show a little PDA towards him.  (Like holding hands and the occasional kiss!)  I think I held his hand the majority of the 6 days we were there and when we got back, that was the thing I missed the most!  To make up for this we usually have one day a week (our day off) where we shut the doors, close the blinds, and "let our hair down" (so to speak).  I usually wear jeans, we all speak only in English, and I sit close to Mr. Sojourner while holding his hand-- all without having to be conscious of culture.  Now days, I savor those moments where I can feel Mr. Sojourners strong, masculine, and comforting hand wrapped around mine.  What an awesome feeling.

Savoring those special moments,
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  1. Oh so sweet. I hold Mike's hand all of the time. Sometimes I am very aware of it, other times it just happens...I can't imagine not being able to hold his hand all I wanted.

  2. What a sweet picture of you and your husband - woohoo for your anniversary trip!

  3. I never imagined holding hands being a cultural no-no. It reminds me of being in China and how you will see same-sex friends holding hands and arms in the streets and smiling and giggling.

  4. Very sweet post. It's good to have reminders of how much those little things mean to us. Not sure I could live where it was culturally inappropriate to show affection or wear my jeans, lol I live in my jeans!

  5. i am a hand-holder, too... glad you had the chance to revisit a beautiful habit!

  6. Sheri, it is a sweet thing isn't it?

    Melissa, indeed...woohoo for anniv trip! :)

    Tracie, same-sex hand holding here is very common too. It takes some getting used to for Mr. Sojourner when a male friend grabs his hand, interlocks digits, and takes a stroll with him. The look on his face cracks me up every time.

    Melinda, it takes some getting used to. ;)

    Dawn, it was truly a blessing.


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