Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nigeria in the News

So, someone posted this article about Nigerian happenings on Blog Frog.  It is very sad.  Take a look.

I posted this response:
"I have not seen this in paticular here (where I live), and am not a cultural expert, but this coincides with some cultural differences I see here (also in West Africa). Nigeria (as do a lot of African countries) has highly animistic peoples. Some have been influenced by Islam and a few have been inlfuenced by Christianity, but the core animistic beliefs are deep-rooted and often mixed with the other "new" beliefs. This is definitely the case in this story. I have seen some "Christian" literature from Nigeria and it is quite alarming. The spiritual world is real and very frightning to them. They spend much time, money, effort, and thought in appeasing the "spirit world." Whereas in western culture we think hardly at all about it and explain everything by science.

Also, children are viewed differently here. I think this plays a little bit into this article as well. I still don't have a full grasp on it and can't even really explain it yet. For example, people here (in general) do not mourn for a child who dies. It happens often. To them, it is just the way life is. They accept it. (They will mourn for an older adult who has had a long, full life more often then they will mourn for a child. It is more excepted. It makes no sense at all to me.)

Please do not think that my explanations mean that I in any way condone this. I believe that all human life is precious and a gift from God. I have seen many things in the past 1 and 1/4 year living in Africa that has left me questioning African world-view and there have been other things that have caused me to question my world-view. This is a case of the former.

Thanks for sharing the link. Praying for truth to be taught, heard, understood, and practiced amongst these people."

Had you seen the article or heard about this?  What are your thoughts on it?


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  1. What a horrible story, and very interesting to hear your take.


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