Monday, September 13, 2010

Cute & Crafty Coloring Carry-All

I have been looking forward to sharing something crafty and fun with you and today is the day!  Don't get too excited because it is nothing huge but it is simple, fun, and a little bit crafty!

First, I have to share that there is absolutely no where to get craft supplies in our country (and possibly in all of the surrounding countries as well).  You can find a few things like a limited amount of sewing stuff, African beads, etc. but it is not the same.  I did, however, bring a small amount of craft supplies that I have been hoarding reluctant to use too quickly.  I have decided that I have to begin using some of it for my sanity.

We had a 3-year-old birthday party to go to here of one of our co-workers.  You can get toys here, but they are 3 times the price you would pay in the US and they fall apart in the first moment of play so we opted for something homemade.  A cute and crafty coloring carry-call.  Say that five times fast. :)

To make one you need:
*A Pringles can (or other container)
*Something to cover the container with (scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, newspaper, fabric, etc.)
*Mod Podge or homemade equivalent
*Decorations (stickers, glitter, ribbon, etc.; let your creativity flow!)
*A small coloring book, printed-out coloring sheets, or drawing paper
*Your choice of crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.

Smear the can with mod podge.  Cover with paper.  Smooth out wrinkles. (I am still learning on this part!)  Put a layer of mod podge on the outside.  Let dry.  Repeat until desired look.
Sunny @ Life in Rehab (one of my favorite sites for upcycling) gave a great tip to put your mod podge brush in a ziplock bag in between coats so that it won't dry out.  That works great here because of how hot and dry it is!

Embellish with decorations.  I used a strip of coordinating paper and fancy scrapbook scissors to make a strip for the top.  I also used coordinating ribbon along the bottom.  I made an "N" for the birthday girl and put it in the center.  I used a glitter pen to go around the "N" (which you can't see in the picture).  Lastly, (which I forgot to take a photo of, but you can see at the bottom finished picture) I added a few foam stickers to give it a little dimension.

Pick what you want to go in the container.  The Little Sojourners picked out coloring pages we thought she would like and we printed them out.  We also chose to use a set of crayons and a small set of colored pencils.  Put it all inside.

Your set to go!  We added some ribbon and a tag since it was a gift.  This was so easy the Little Sojourners did most of it.

Saving the world one Pringles can at a time,
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  1. Oh yes, that turned out really cute! What a perfect little gift.


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