Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thursday's Travel Tales & Tips: The Rules

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I have been wanting to start a linky party about travel, and I decided this week I would take the plunge! Come on over every Thursday to join the fun. We would love to hear about the trips you have taken, your favorite travel tips, see pictures of a vacation you have taken, or dream with you about trips you are planning or hoping to take. I can't wait hear what you have to say! "See" you Thursday.

(Don't think it has to be exotic! It can be anything from tips about car or airplane travel with children, packing tips, past vacation pictures, a story of one of your travel adventures, sharing about a trip you are planning to take, or giving us a glimpse of one of your dream travel destinations. It can be local sights in your city, something in your home state, cool places to see in the US, or overseas destinations. Be creative!)

The rules:
1.) Make a post on your blog about travel.  (Or link to an old post you wrote about travel.)
2.) Put a link in your post linking back here to Mrs. Sojourner's Monologues (or you can link directly to Thursday's Travel Tales & Tips, whichever you prefer).
3.) Share your link below the weekly post. (Link directly to your post [not your blog homepage] in the "URL" line. Put your name/name of your blog and/or the name of your post in the "name" line. The email part is self explanatory. Pick an image to share in your thumbnail.)
4.) Check out the other links. (It's not mandatory, but everyone loves some comment love!)
5.) Have fun!

Leave a comment in this post or contact me at mrssojourner(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Mrs. Sojourner

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