Friday, August 12, 2011

South Africa: A Whole New World...

Middle & I are down in South Africa awaiting the arrival of Mr., Ms. & Little.  And, in less then a month the arrival of Jr.!  So, if you remember, the original plan was for me to deliver in a neighboring West African coutry, but a few weeks before I was to head there, we found out that it was the time of year when French doctors take their vacation, and the other two docotors our NGO usually use decided that this year they would also be taking their vacation at the same time.  Time for plan B: head to South Africa.  (This makes our 7th African country in the last two years!)

Middle & I have been here for about 10 days now.  It feels nothing like Africa to us.  Of course, we are in a large city, so that may have some to do with it.  (Of course McDonald's, KFC, malls, real grocery stores, movie theatres, speaking English, etc. make it feel much more like the U.S. then Africa to us too!)  It's winter here and temps are in the 30's-60's; very cold for us now!  A plus on that is that my energy level is a lot higher.  Apparently the heat was really zapping me in our coutry!

I'm really enoying some one-on-one time with Middle, though things are super quiet and we miss the rest of our family!  We'll share more of our adventures down here in South Africa soon. :)

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