Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One of Those Days

You ever have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong?  My friend told me it's a "Africa Day."  Today I am having an Africa Day.  I woke up thinking all was going right.  I had a quiet time, got a bunch of emails and paperwork done, spent some time with Litte while the older two were at school (it's the last day of school; whoohoo!  I am SO looking forward to having them home for the summer!!!), pulled the Sticky Chicken off the bone and got the chicken broth fixings back in the corckpot, did my daily exercises (that seem to be going more like every-other-day exercises since life has been crazy lately), showered, etc.  This was a lot of encomplished for the morning for me these days! 

Then, I realized my house helper wasn't here....for the second day in a row!  I know, a house helper sounds like a luxury, and I sound like a total baby.  But, seriously I do now more here with a part-time house helper then I ever did as a full-time SAHM in the U.S.  You seriously can not imagine the dirt or how time consuming everything here is.  But, I digress...

Oh, wait the shower faucet is pouring water out of the bath onto the shower floor?!  Awesome.  Let's call the plumber who I explain the situation to at about a three year old level.  "Just come' and quick!"  Hand mothions always get the point across better.

So, now I have a bunch more to do today when I already had on my long list.  And, it seems like for every one thing I check off the list some sort of disaster insues that I must now clean-up or take care of.  I am exhasted and I still feel like I have encomplished nothing even though I've been working non-stop all day.

Somehow, this has all been down right hilarious to me today and even though today has seemed like a train wreck I have been laughing through all of it.

So, what am I doing now?!  I'm blogging while my sink soaks.  Of couse.  Because on a day like might as well Shine Your Sink like Fly Lady taught you.  That way along with your train wreck of a day, at least you have a shiny sink.  Right?!

Off to finish shinning my sink and laugh at whaever else today throws my way.  At least there is only a few more hours. ;)

Update: I finished the shiny sink (picture up top)!  And, the plumber brilliantly fixed the link.  Things are looking up.  Oh, I also added the sign below to the kitchen.  Here's to hoping it works.

What do you do on "one of those days?"

Kind regards,

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