Sunday, November 14, 2010

What we're looking forward to...

Mrs. Sojourner's Top Ten:
1.) Family and friends.
2.) Worship in my heart language with other believers.
3.) Not having to think about every word that comes out of my mouth; functioning in English!
4.) Seeing my kids reactions to experiencing things in the US (especially Little; she really doesn't remember much, if anything).
5.) Not sweating every moment of everyday.
6.) Eating all kinds of food that we can't get here.
7.) Roads without potholes the size of our children (and bigger!).
8.) Not having to wash and treat every dish and piece of produce.
9.) Wearing clothes that are soft (not line dried and crisp). And, wearing jeans!!!
10.)Shopping and being able to fine whatever I want at a decent price and good quality in a clean and beautiful store.

Mr. Sojourner's Top Ten:
1. I get to see family and friends again.
2. One word: Food. Yummy, American food!
3. Two words: Fast Food. Mrs. Sojourner and I will not spend 2-3 hours a day in the kitchen on our vacation.
4. Going to church
5. Air Conditioning: Everywhere and all the time.
6. Cold weather: It may not be cold to you, but it probably will be to us.
7. Disney with the girls
8. Browsing: Not being attacked by 20 salesman, when I stop to look at something.
9. Christmas: Getting to see all the Christmas decorations and houses decorated.
10. Football. I have to watch at least one football game!


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