Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Names

Mr. Sojourner and I have always had a boys name picked out and always struggle with agreeing on girls names.  We have three girls and think this must have beens God's way of helping us to learn compromie.  Whatever the reason....here we are again without a girls name.  Just in case it is a girl I want to be prepared...

So, I only have one stipulation with name picking and that is that I want the name to have a nickname that ends in "ie" or "y."  I know it's silly, but it's now tradition.  Here are some names I have been looking at (but I am open for any suggestions!):

Katherine (Kathy)
Isabella (Izzy)
Eloise (Ellie)
Olivia (Livy)
Virginia (Ginny)
Eloise (Ellie)
Abigail (Abby)

I need some middle name suggestions too.  I also like the middle name Faith, but not sure which name (if any) of the above that might fit with.

Help me name my baby, if it is a girl. Give me some ideas to suggest to Mr. Sojourner so that maybe we can agree on one. :)

What are your suggestions?

Kind regards,


  1. Alexa or Alexandra or Alexis (Lexi)
    Brooklyn (Brookey)
    Cassandra (Cassie)
    Debra or Deborah (Debbie)
    Evelyn (Evie)
    Francine (Franny)
    (Stretching it here) Georgia (GiGi)

    Want me to keep going? :-) I have a spreadsheet of girl names for naming characters. Lexi and GiGi and Cassie are probably my favs in there. I think Izzy's my fav from your list.

    There's also Jill/Jilly, Christina/Christy, Madeline/Maddie, Victoria/Vicky, and Rebecca/Becky .

  2. Oh, those are all great! I especially love Alexandra (Lexi) and Evelyn (Evie). Thanks, Wendy! :)

  3. Well HELLO!!! How about Martha(Marty)!!!! and the middle name can be Jane!!! I am thinking this is the absolute best choice!!!!

    P.S. I love Isabella(Izzy) It is my favorite!!!!

  4. Well hello Anonymous...I am pretty partial to Marty too. I know a really amazing Marty.


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