Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pondering Photo Motivation

After reading Darcy's post today I have been pondering my motivation for taking pictures.

Baby me rescued from the photo drawers.

As a child I remember spending countless hours alone in our hallway fishing old photos out of two large drawers.  I think it may sound like a curious thing for a child to do, but for me it was like looking into an enchanting window into the past.  Sometimes there would be a name, a date, a place, or a short sentence scribbled on the back which aloud me to have some idea about the photo.  Other times, the back was blank leaving me to deduce or imagine about the picture.  I guess I have always believed that pictures tell a story.  And as far back as I can remember: I have loved a good story.

In my pre-teens I got my first camera.  A Kodak Cameo.  I absolutely loved that thing.  The flip front was oh-so-cool.  Ever since then I have been snapping away.

I have not always been the greatest about actually developing them (and the digital era has only made that worse).  But, Darcy's post has me thinking on that too.  I need to get backing-up my pictures and start printing most of them!  I hope to have lots and lots of photos to pass on to my Little Sojourners.  But, I not only want them to have the pictures; I want them to have the story behind them too, which is why I got into scrabooking and journaling about my pictures.  I want them to have something to look back on and remember the many, many, many great memories we had together.

Why do you take photos?


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