Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Which way is home?

You know you have absolutely, positively, no sense of direction when you are trying to make your way home in a taxi (which consequently is falling apart, so you are hoping it stays together long enough to get home) and things look familiar, but you still have no idea which direction home is.  Then, your four year old (who got her father's sense of direction; thank goodness!) tells you, "Mommy, we just passed it!"

You tell the taxi driver to stop.  You get out and you're still, for the most part, lost.  You ask your four year old which direction home is.  She points and leads you.  She takes you the several blocks delivering you directly to your gate.

When you get home you write a blog about it so the whole world knows your shame: a four year old is smarter then you.

A really cute four year old, though.

Needs a map and compass,


  1. Too funny!!! I wonder if this will happen to me someday...

  2. I am hopeless without a navigation


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