Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sharing on Saturday: 31 Days

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Emily's Chatting at the Sky.  She is a beautifully talented writer and I very much enjoy participating with her on Tuesdays Unwrapped.

It is through Emily's that I heard about the 31 Days including Emily's 31 Days of Grace.  (I absolutely loved her post today about grace being centered around Him.)  Today (after two days without power I am relaxing and playing catch-up while reading the first two posts in the 31 Days at the different blogs.

I enjoyed being inspired to brainstorm about my entryway at Melissa's.

I cringed with Darcy as she shared the story of losing all the pictures from her year in Europe.  I pondered after her question about why I take photos.  I am really looking forward to her other 29 posts.

I loved the Nester's reason behind her "31days to a less messy nest."  I am really looking forward to her ideas because I think they will help me on my "13 before 30" #11.

I am looking forward to reading more about Jennifer's "more with less"; isn't that just a topic we could all use a little more of?  As is (the other Emily's) "living simply."  I am all about that.

I love Kendra's tile: "31 days to an inspired kitchen."  Her first post about making a choice and then a list has me thinking.  Her second post about eating together has me convicted.

The Reluctant Entertainer's "31 days to stress-free entertaining" has me hooked.  I am a perfectionist in rehabilitation.

Seriously take the time to check these talented ladies out.  I am looking forward to learning a lot the next 29 days.

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