Monday, January 10, 2011

Funny Signs & T-shirts

Often as we are going about our normal life here in Africa we come across funny signs or people wearing shirts with English writing that have no idea what it says- which often makes it extra comical.  Usually we don't have our camera handy.  (Like the time we saw a skinny teenage boy wearing a 2X pastel pink shirt that said "I'm too sexy to be 80.")  I hope to try and have my camera handy more often and share a few of these comical signs and t-shirts with you.  This weekend this one gave us a little chuckle:

He looks like part of a fun family with that smile, huh?


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  1. That is funny! When Christopher came home from Korea, he wore a shirt that said "Be the Dreds". I have no idea!

    Lydia came to me with pants that had BATS embroidered on them! Yes, bats! I have no idea. ROFLOL


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