Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday's Travel Tales & Tips: Overseas Flights with Kids

It's been a while but now that we're home and settled back into our routine I'm hoping to start "Thursday's Travel Tales & Tips" again.  I can't wait to hear what travel stuff you have to share.  Take a look at the rules to read more and then link up your post.
The little Sojourners waiting at an airport; June 2009.

Recently when we traveled to the U.S. and back for a short visit to see family and friends I learned a few things that I would like to share with you.  Maybe they won't save your life, but they might save your sanity.

1.) If at all possible avoid flying after a stomach bug has hit your family.  Things could get messy.

2.) Bring lots of snacks (and an empty cup or water bottle that can be refilled at a water fountain) for use when stuck in really boring and overpriced overseas flight terminals.  (Four euros for a coke and three euros for a dry and not-so-appetizing pastry times five people in your family may give the Mom of the house a slight hard attack.  Or, maybe just a panic attack as she calculates how much of her children's college tuition she spent on a snack.)

3.) Pack a set of clothes for each member of your family- even on your return flight.  You might easily think of doing this the flight there in case your luggage gets lost or something similar.  But, it may be just as important for the flight back!  For example, if one of your children pukes on the plane all over themselves you will have a set of clothes.  Or, if due to weather your flight gets delayed somewhere along the line when your bags are already checked.

4.) When both parents are sleep-deprived, possibly due to lots of delays and two consecutive overnight flights (but even if those things are not true), make sure one parent is responsible for knowing where the baggage claim tickets are and keeping them in a safe place.  When If one or more of your bags get lost these will be extremely helpful.

5.) If at all possible fly an airline with the cool new personal touch TV screen in front of you so that your children will be entertained for hours by kid-friendly movies and games at their (and your) convenience.  Disclaimer: the person in front of them may, or may not, give you and your child evil looks from the whip lash they are getting from your child trying to use said touch screen at the back of their head rest.  You can try 731 times to teach your children to do this gently but it is probably in vain.  Remember- you will probably never see this person again in your life.  It's worth the risk. 

Have a nice flight!

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  1. Oooh, so sorry about the stomach bug thing. That is so not fun.

    This post made me smile, though. It also made me a little tired....:D. Whew--what a workout all that traveling must have been!


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