Friday, January 7, 2011

How big is Africa?

I didn't really fathom just how big ot was until I moved here.  Last January we flew from where we live in West Africa to Kenya in Eastern Africa and our flight was about eight hours.  (It took us about that long when we flew from the east coast of the US to the coast of Africa in June 2009.)  We have not been to South Africa but we have heard that is an eight or more hour flight from here to there as well.  It's a really BIG continent.  This picture really helped me visualize just how big it is.

Africa is a big and very diverse continent.  There are lots of different languages and peoples.  There are over 50 countries in Africa and in some of those there are more then 20 different ethnic groups and most of the time each ethnic group has it's own distinct language.

It's a big and interesting place and having lived here for a year and a half in no way makes be an expert.  In fact, the longer I live here the more I realize there is to learn about the interesting and beautiful people and cultures of Africa.

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