Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Honor of Tuesday

And, (in what seems like a lifetime past) Chick-fil-A Kid's or Family Night ('cause we used to love those nights where kids eat free!)...

I would really love one of these...

Or, maybe just this...

(with some sweet tea).

Or, possibly just one of these.  Yeah, that's sounds real good this morning.

'Cause really nothing else in this world sounds at all appetizing.  Nausea is not my friend!

And, I am pretty sure I couldn't really even stomach that once I had a bite or two. But, hey...at the moment, it sounds really tasty.

So, when you get a chance...have one for me! ;)

Kind regards,


  1. Oh man! Now you're tempting me! I just recently discovered Chick-fil-a and I am 100% hooked! They just opened a new location down the street from our house and I was sorely tempted to stand in line all night so I could get one free meal a week for a year. I know, it's a problem. Nice to know we have another point of connection though...and I really hope your nausea ends soon. :(

  2. You made me hungry for Chik fil a! Darn! LOL


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