Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My 1st OB Adventure in Africa

Baby #4

Yesterday I had my first OB visit here in Africa.  I had been dreading it and therefore procrastinating it.  I really do not like to go to the doctor ever, but lauguage and cultural complications were making me dread it even more then usual.  I decided I would procrastinate until my second trimester and then make myeslf go.  Thankfully a friend offered to go with me and her French is much better then mine!  That helped ease my dread a little.  I can function pretty well in the local language but most medical terms are in French (and those I am definitely not familiar with) so I was very glad to have her there.  Between her French, my local language, and the tiny bit of English that the doctor knew we faired pretty well.  I feel much better about follow-up visits.  The doctor asked me all the normal questions (they don't do paperwork here because the litteracy rate is so low, so the doctor asks all the questions and records them).  Then, she led us to the ultrasound room.  As I was following her I was thinking she is really, really tall.  Of course part of that may be that I am only 5'2" and another part might be that African women have a thing for high heels (which I do not really understand, I would definitely die trying to walk around these horrible rocky roads with high heels).  She did an ultrasound and we heard the heart beat.  She *thinks* it is a boy, but wasn't able to get a really good look this time, so we won't know for sure until next ultrasound.  She did all the measurements and everything looks good.  She said I'm in my 5th month.  We asked for pictures and she sends me home with two very similar pictures of the head.  So, now I have two pictures (one shown above) of my babies head.  It's not quite the cute prfofile pics I have with my other kids, but maybe we can work on trying to explain that and ask for a new one next time?  We will see.  Oh, and she gave me a script for all the blood work I have to get done.  I am dreading all that even more.  I do not like needles.  Did I mention I am a total baby?!  No, but you figured it out, right? ;)

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  1. We have lots in common! I'm also 5'2". I also hate doctors. I'm the biggest baby in my household! LOL Love the head shot :)


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