Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Ready

7 Taxi Rides.
5 School Days.
2 Weekends.
24 Meals.
8 Bedtimes.
8 Nights Sleeping Alone.
1 Scare.
13 Visitors To Our Gate.
2 Days of Internet Fiasco.
8 Days Of 100 & Something Degree Weather.

I.  Am.  Ready.  I'm ready for Mr. Sojourner to get back from his trip.  I am ready to have my best friend to talk to again.  I am ready for the Little Sojourners to have Daddy home again.  I am ready to be driven around by someone whom I love and speaks English again.  I am ready to have "the man of the house" home again.

Me & Mr. Sojourner, July 2004

Kind regards,

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