Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Adventures in Baby Registery

I have to admit that I am not really organized or a very good at planning ahead.  I never have been, but I'm pretty sure it has gotten worse over the years.  But, when you are having a baby 1,000's of miles away from family and friends (not to mention cilvilation with Targets and Walmarts and all that), and add to that that it takes 4-8 weeks to get have to do at least a little bit of planning ahead.  So, this has been my adventure the last week trying to figure out what we need for this baby without actually going to a store and looking at things.  I'm pretty sure not having had a baby in 5 years is also sort of playing against me in this.  I have very little idea what I might need!

We will be here a year after baby #4 is born so I am trying to be minimalistic.  We have been given me a hand-me-down infant carseat, walker, and bouncer....sweet!  And, I have arranged to buy a used pack-n-play bassinet and booster seat/high chair from some friends of ours that will be leaving in October...also amazing.  With some basics taken care of I am not too concerned.

One huge thing that will be on the registry is cloth diapers.  I have not done this with my other kids, but think it is the best option for us here.  Disposable diapers are expensive and very poor qualitry here.  Not to mention, because I think I've already harped on it quite a few times, the huge garbage issue here as well.  As I have been looking into the cloth diapers I am a bit nervous.  Did you know there aren't tips on how to use these things in Africa?!  (Well at least I haven't found them.)  So, I am a bit concerend that I will spend large quantities of money (those suckers are expensive!) on something that will fall apart in the African water and heat.  Thankfully my friend has pioneered it for me and given me all her advice.  I love it when friends do that for you.

So, as I am registering I came across this contraption and am pretty mortified....

What the heck?!  Gross.  (You remember my nose issue?)  I will not be doing that.  You definitely will not see that on my registery.

*Edited to add:

The first picture isn't that great, so just to clear up exactly what the contraption does (and what I will NOT be doing), here is another picture.

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  1. Oh wow. The things to think about! So, which sort of diapers is your friend getting for you? I'm curious!!!

  2. Oh dear! That is an unwelcome invention!

    We had two out of three kids overseas. Thankfully my husband took take of registering each child while I took care of our newborn. =)

  3. She has used and recommends these:

  4. Wait, what is that nose thing attached to? The picture is a little hard for me to see, and my first guess was, let's just say, not what I hope it's attached to. ;)


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