Monday, March 21, 2011

Food Cravings

This preganacy I have mostly had food aversions, but recently I started having some cravings.

They have included:

Shrimp.  Which I can not get here.  (Photo Credits.)

Lobster.  Which I also can not get here.  (Photo Credits.)

Crab legs.  Suprise; I can't get those either!  (Photo Credits.)

And, last but not least....a Rubio's Fish Taco.  (Pretty much the best thing you could ever imagine.  But, sadly only with locations in 5 states including one in my hometown which I sadly missed when moving to the east coast.)  Obviously, I can't ge those here either.  (Photo Credit.)

Are you seeing the pattern here?!  All of the things (including the previously posted Chick-fil-A and dill pickle cravings) I can't get here are the things I am craving.  A bit frustrating.  Maybe it means I won't gain much weight?  There has to be some upside to this!  But, we did find out recently that we will be visiting two other countries in the next few months that are coastal countries!  This means I will get some seafood at some point.  That is pretty exciting!

So, (even if your not pregnant) what have you been craving lately?!

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  1. I'm sorry you can't find any of your cravings :(


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