Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beggars: The Silly & The Serious

Seeing beggars is an everyday part of our life here.  It's one of the things that took a lot of getting used to.  Well, maybe it is better to say it is one of the things we will never get used to.

We typically do not give beggars money (for several reasons, one of which I will explain later), but try to keep some food in the truck to hand out to them.

This morning, while we were out running errands, Mr. Sojourner gave a handicap beggar money and afterwards this conversation insued between him and Little:

Little: Daddy, why did you give that man money?
Mr.: Because he only had one arm.
Little: Will he buy another arm with the money?

It is amazing how litteral of a thinker Little is (or any kid at her age for that matter).  Leave it to Little to lighten up a serious issue. :)

Handicap beggar.  Picture credits.

"Tomato Can Boys."  Picture Credits.

While looking up some pictures to share I came across this really great (in the informative sense) article about Tomato Can Boys and I thought it does a good job of giving the truth, seriousness, and sadness of it.  If you get a chance please check it out.  The article shares the reason behind why we don't give these boys money, but instead give them food they can eat right away like bread, bananas, etc.

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  1. Most Americans cannot even fathom how a lost arm can make you a complete outcast in society. So sad.


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