Friday, August 6, 2010

14 Months

Little Sojourners & Cousins

It's been 14 months since we have seen a single family member or friend and I'm not going to sugar coat it; it's hard!  Even when we lived far away from family we would make long 10-13 hour car trips to see them at least once, but most years twice a year.  That's not really possible here.  Just one plane ticket back to the US is around $1,500-$2,000 and we would have to do that times the five of us, so coming home for a visit isn't quite an option!  Somedays it's a little overwhelming.  Don't get me wrong...we love our work here and we wouldn't trade it for anything, but we just get a little homesick sometimes.

Life goes on back "home" and sometimes you feel left-out or forgotten.  Of course it's not true.  There are many people missing us just as much as we miss them, thinking about us, praying for us, etc.  We know that in our heads but it can be easily forgotten on a bad day when skype or internet is not cooperating and all you want to do is talk to someone who you've known for more then 14 months.  Then you just have a good cry and tell God how you're feeling and keep on running the race.

We have made lots of great friends here from all different countries and we are so very thankful for those friendships.  I know when we do go home we will miss it here.  It is a part of us now.

14 months down; 25 more to go.

Pressing on,


  1. Sending a big, fat (((HUG)))!!! I know it must be hard in a place that is so unfamiliar and away from everyone that knows you inside out. You are on our family prayer list! These days will fly by, and then, like you said you will miss being THERE. I know, having just been in China for two weeks, I missed it so much when I got home. I can't imagine how you will long to be back there when you leave.

  2. Thanks for the hug, encouragement, and prayers! I would love to go to China someday. Where have you been in China?


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