Thursday, August 19, 2010


Remember how I told you how I love cilantro?  But, how that was for a whole other post?  (If you get a chance: read Suzannah's comment with the cool fact about cilantro in that post.)  Well here is the first instillation (of two) about my love for cilantro.  I know; you are excited!

I just love the smell of cilantro!  It is a fresh and yummy smell.  It makes me happy.  I know; I'm weird!  (I resigned to that fact a long time ago.)

So, on the happiest of days that I founded some of the amazingness that is fresh cilantro of course we had to have mexican!  And, the love of my life and my best friend, Mr. Sojourner, made some awesome pico de galo type yumminess.  And, I made refried beans and all the taco fixin's!  Oh my goodness!  It. Was.  Delicious.

Mr. Sojourners pico de gallo type yumminess.

As soon as I figure our where in our cement jungle of a yard that I can plant some stuff, cilantro is on my long list!  But, I may just need to break down and try to make one of these and plant some fresh herbs in it.  I also want to find a place to make one of these.  I have so many ideas of things I want to try in this house but have been trying to wait until I have figured out the whole organization of where everything goes in my closet less house.  (When you have have a 3 years worth of toiletries, OTC meds, office supplies, etc. that kinda thing is really important!)  I'll share more about my adventures this week with that later.  Sorry for following that rabbit trail.

Back to cilantro!  We have also had it in our salads since we got it and that is some good stuff!  I have found a recipe that sounds really good that I will try and share with you later.  I know; you can hardly wait!

Do you share my love for cilantro?  If so, what are some of your favorite cilantro recipes?  If not, why not?!

Joining a twelve step program for cilantro addiction, 

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  1. I have passion for no spice! LOL Maybe it is because I'm short and could never reach them?? I'm glad you got your cilantro fix though!!!


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