Saturday, August 14, 2010


And all things Fall. Sort of. A little bit. African Style. Just pretend with me, ok?

I found a small pumpkin at a local produce stand yesterday (Along with cilantro! I. Love. Cilantro. But, that is another story for another day.) and I had to buy it because I just love Fall. And it reminded me of Fall. And I sure miss the change of seasons that I will miss yet again this Fall.

I am not sure what will become of this pumpkin.

But tonight I am doing this so that tomorrow I can make something fun that smells and tastes of Fall.

What are your favorite Pumpkin recipes?  (I was thinking about trying this one.)

Today I also spent several hours at the girls' small school (25-30 kids K-12) helping to get things ready.  That felt very Fall-like. I am not really looking forward to that part of Fall. I really miss homeschooling. I miss my kids while they are at school.

It has rained most of today and it is in the low 80's.  Very chilly.  I am in long-sleeve shirt and track pants. That feels Fall-like too.

What do you most love about Fall?  What are you looking forward to about this Fall?

  Pretending it's Fall,


  1. you are so kind to lift up prayer for my sister. i really appreciate it!

    um, and i LOVE all things cilantro or pumpkin. spiced pumpkin soup with coconut milk is my favorite (but sweets are good, too!)

    also, i read (i kid you not), that not liking cilantro is the result of a taste-bud defect that makes it tastes like soap. weird, huh? it is objectively, scientifically delicious:)

  2. Pretend away! I'm all about using some imagination! :) I'm not much of a cook really. I love pumpkin pie, but I buy it. LOL I also love fall, but I know that following close behind is the dreaded winter. Oh, how I despise winter!


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