Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Helper

We're slowly getting there.  I think the main reason that it is taking so long to unpack is because the lack of storage space.  Where to put all this stuff?!

African houses are built without closets.  Our last house had been previously rented by other ex-pats and so it had a wall-to-wall unit built on one wall in each bedroom.  I didn't realize how awesome this was until I no longer had it!  Isn't that how it often is with life?

In our new house our NGO has provided us with an armourer for each bedroom, which we are super thankful for, and we are now learning to be creative with storage.

The Little Sojourners have been good sports about the house being filled with boxes while I figure this puzzle out.  Here is Little Sojourner helping to unpack the box of fridge magnets.  Apparently we thought these were essential in moving to Africa and more then two bras were not?!  (Remember I lost my brain.)

Isn't she a super cute little helper?

We have the older versions of these fun sets:
They have been great for learning phonics and practicing spelling.

One box at a time,


  1. Hi there. I was leaving a comment on Emily's (Chatting at the Sky) blog and your name caught my eye. Sojourner is one of my favorite words EVER. And we have 3 little girlies too (9, 8 and 4). And my husband and I just got back from 10 days in Cambodia. I CAN'T WAIT to read about what you're doing in Africa!

  2. I too came over from your comment on chatting at the sky. :-) What an adventure you are having!

  3. She is a super cute little helper! Just gorgeous. On the packing front I've done some pretty crazy things. I remember packing for the trip when I learned my grandmother had gone to be with Jesus. I was so distraught and could not focus trying to pack for five, and in clothes that weren't our norm (I hate dressing up). When I got to WV, and we started to dress for the funeral, I realized that I brought for my daughter a Christmas dress. It was in the heat of SUMMER! It does make me laugh that you packed fridge magnets but no booby harnesses! LOL


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