Thursday, August 26, 2010

It was the First Day of School...

When began the days of racing out the door in the morning cool.

The obligatory "First Day of School Pictures" were shot;

And the empty oatmeal bowls were left in their spot.

The sound of Little Sojourners filled the house no mo';

As Mrs. Sojourner sat down with the Word and a cup o' joe.

Until Little Sojourner woke up from her beauty sleep;

And began to laugh, play, run and leap.

When her sisters returned that afternoon;

For Little and Mrs. Sojourner it was none too soon.

Thus began another school year;

But this year there was not one tear!

I am obviously NOT a poet, but it was a fun way to capture our first day of school!  Also, I finally tried a recipe (except I added dark chocolate chunks instead of nuts) to make with the pumpkin I prepared.  It turned out pretty tasty. 
Hope your first day of school was a good one too!

Kind regards,

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