Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Book Talk: Redeeming Love by, Francine Rivers

My Aunt sent me Redeeming Love in a care package and I was thrilled to have something new to read!  I have to say that I really enjoyed the story and the parallel to the book of Hosea.  Who can resist a story of God's overwhelming love?!  Not me.  I did however feel that there were parts that had a little too much detail and personally felt that they could have been left out and still made for an amazing story.  Maybe I am a prude, but that is just the way I felt after finishing the book.

What were your thoughts?  How did you like the book?  Have you read any other books by Francine Rivers?  If so, which ones and how did you like them?

I always love getting new recommendations of books to read.  And, I always love hearing other peoples' opinions.


  1. It has been a while since I finished that one, and I love most stuff by Francine Rivers. I don't remember feeling that there were any details I wished had been left out, but like I said, I has been a while. It is a GREAT book!

  2. What are some of your favorites of hers that you have read?

  3. The Atonement Child and Leota's Garden were good!

  4. I read the descriptions and those both sounded good; thanks!


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