Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

Last night we had a friend over for dinner (she is finishing up her time here in Africa and will be heading back to the States for a new season in her life).  The most simple way to say it is that things did not go as planned.

When she arrived I had dinner in the oven and I was finishing icing the cupcakes for dessert.  We sat down and talked for a while, helped the girls do a puzzle, chatted some more, and then I went to check on dinner (thinking it should be about ready).  It was not ready.  In fact, the gas had run out and I think it had in fact been out a while.  Mr. Sojourner headed out to get a new gas bottle.  While we waited me, our friend, and the Little Sojourners played a few board games, chatted some more,
and then thought; is Mr. Sojourner ever coming back?!

He finally made it back after a long adventure of going to two ATMs (because the first one was out of cash), going to two gas places to get gas (because the first was out), and sitting in LOTS of traffic.  So, then we still had to wait for the food to finish cooking!  I decided to do what any crazy cool Momma would do in that situation and so we ate dessert first (while we waited for dinner to finish cooking)!  I think I have now procured my place in the Little Sojourners' minds as the "best Mom ever."

We finally ate dinner at about 8:30.  It could have been a disaster (ok maybe it was a disaster!), but we chose to embrace the set-backs and eat some cake! 

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  1. When life gave you lemons, you made...cake! LOL

  2. Love it! We had an elderly neighbor when I was growing up who I remember saying at a neighborhood cookout that she always ate dessert first because she didn't know if she would be around for the main course! :) This story reminded me of that sweet lady.

  3. I have to say, that cake looks amazing. Yum!


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