Saturday, July 10, 2010


Mr. Sojourner cut his hair and shaved off his beard today.  It was much needed.  Much needed.
He called me in the bathroom to show me this sweet look.  It was definitely worth a laugh, but I am glad he kept cutting.  He reminded me of Charlie from Lost with this due.

Yes, we were those people who loved and watched Lost. 

It's my BIL's fault.  I had caught a few episodes somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd season and thought the show was totally weird.  Then one night I was stranded at my BIL's house with two sleeping kids and nothing to do in a single guys new apartment (while Mr. Sojourner had a brothers night out) and so I started season 1 (which he had on DVD) and was hooked.  I then got Mr. Sojourner hooked and we proceeded to rent the rest of the seasons on Netflix to catch up.  Then we watched the rest of the season on  This year since we were overseas we had to download the final season on iTunes.

Are you a Lost fan?  If so, who was your favorite character?  If not, what's your favorite show? 

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