Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Little Hope

The last few months have been discouraging for us as the school year ended and Middle Sojourner had not made the progress that we had hoped with her teacher and fellow students.  Thus, trying to make the decision to stay or to go back "home" and the timing of carrying it out.

Two nights this week we have skyped with family members in the States, who were on the short list of those that she has talked to but who she has not verbally spoken to in a year (not even during our many skypetimes with them), and Middle Sojourner spoke to them both!!!  It was just a little bit of hope in the midst of an overwhelming situation and we are incredibly thankful for it.  God knows exactly when we need a ray of hope.

*You can read more about our journey with Middle Sojourner and Selective Mutism here.


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