Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flashback: Mayy '10

Our tailor continued to be awesome and I found lots of interesting fabrics.

It rained after MANY months without rain and the girls enjoyed every second of it.

I had lots of Amelia Bedela moments with my house helper including this one where I said to, "put this on the cake" as I was running out the door with the cupcakes that she had just seen me ice. She took it quite literally.

I stood on a broken grate and stepped right down into raw sewage. Best. African. Moment. Yet.

Ms. Sojourner made a cake by herself. I am so proud of that little lady!

I enjoyed a get-away weekend downtown at a hotel with a pool with some of my lady co-workers. It was such an encouraging weekend.

We even went out to dinner at a Chinese place and celebrated one of our co-workers 40th bday.

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