Monday, July 5, 2010

Flashback: October '09

Our crate arrived. It was like Christmas! After seeing what was available in our country and the prices of everything...we sure wished we had crated more!

Ms. Sojourner turned 9; boy am I starting to feel old. Next year we'll be in double digits?!

We got another care package; people are so great to us!

The girls' school had a "Fall Festival" and instead of carving pumpkins we carved watermelons. The girls were on "Team USA South" (they go to an English School with a variety of nationalities present, Ms. Sojourner was the only American in her class) andcan you guess what they decided to carve?

Each family had a booth and this was ours: a bean bag throw. I learned how hard stuff like this is without a Walmart, Target, or Craft Store nearby (or anywhere in country, or anywhere on continent).

We learned to make our own laundry soap.

And our own syrup.

Little Sojourner took a "music class" at the girls' school and she still talks about it...9 months later.

Can you tell care packages are super exciting to us?

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