Monday, July 5, 2010

Flashback: August '09

After our two months stay in Senegal we moved to another African country where we continued French study and continued on in our adventure...

We moved into a new house.

We found a great restaurant with American style food and milkshakes.

My girls made friends with our neighborhood kids despite the huge language barrier.

Our courtyard was regularly full of kids.

My girls started school (away from home) for the first time ever. It was a huge adjustment for us all, but they did well.

We found an awesome tailor.

He made us some awesome African outfits.

I fell in love with African fabrics.

Going to the dentist was a whole new experience.

We got care packages.

We got our first dog ever and the girls fell in love with him.

We had an adventure getting furniture made with our little amount of language.

Little Sojourner got a funky fungus.

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