Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flashback: June '09

To share a little of what we have learned, seen, and experienced in the last year we will go through a year in flashback...

Our first two months in Africa were spent in Senegal.

I learned to filter all our water.

And soak all our produce in bleach water.

I got used to drying all our clothes on the line.

We became HUGE fans of skype.

We learned to eat our hamburgers with an egg and fries on it. (Mr. Sojourner calls this the "heart attack on a bun.")

We collected many sea shells.

We spent many hot afternoons on the beach where the breeze cooled us.

We occassionally splurged and spent more then $5 on a box of cereal.

We learned to take naps in the heat of the day.

We homeschooled.

We learned to dodge cows and other animals in the road.

We adjusted to frequent power outages.

We got lots of mosquito bites!

We tried to adjust to seeing garbage everywhere all the time. Still working on that one...

We learned to tell the difference between goats and sheep. We saw lots of both.

We enjoyed watching for the "!" signs.

We learned to dodge donkey carts.

We enjoyed the French influence in pasteries.

We made many language mistakes! (Like trying to order 5 and getting 25.)

We learned to wear flip flops the majority of the time. (Mr. Sojourner was not a flip flop kinda guy.)

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