Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Birthday Extravaganza

I turned 29 on Saturday. 
Mr. Sojourner and the Little Sojourners made my day great. 
We had a quiet day at home. 

They cooked me breakfast, lunch, dinner, and birthday brownies.
They made me marinated beef, homemade onion rings and french fries, green beans and corn. 
Talk about carb overload. 

Mr. Sojourner took a bunch of pics, but let's just say he hasn't quite got the hang of the new camera.
Here are the few that came out.
The Little Sojourners wrapped me gifts and made me cards.
They were so sweet.
They gave me re-purposed awesome gifts: a craft Ms. Sojourner made in school this year, a school assignment Ms. Sojourner did this year, a stuffed turtle someone gave someone for Christmas, and a bracelet (10 sizes too small) that Middle Sojourner got out of a freebie pile for herself recently.
Don't be jealous.  I know you are.
Then the Little Sojourners decided for my birthday we would play their favorite card game.
They are serious about Skip-Bo.
Serious I tell you.
It was my birthday and they didn't even let me win!

The power went out right at birthday brownie time.
We still ate brownies in the dark.

The next morning my birthday was over.
And I woke up to a little HUGE mess in my kitchen.
In Mr. Sojourner's defense the power was out all night.
Maybe he was going to clean the kitchen.
He just didn't get a chance.
It was still an awesome birthday.
Thanks to my crazy monkeys Mr. Sojourner and the Little Sojourners.
I love them.


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