Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Money Mystery

This morning I found a check book with a check written to "Munky Tyyer" for $2,000.00. The writing was erased, but still visible. Was it for a frivolous purchase that they decided against? Is it ransom money? Who is Munky Tyyer??? I wonder which Sojourner did this...
Was it Little Sojourner??? I did not find any mango juice on the check so I find it very unlikely...
Was it Middle Sojourner??? She does like to climb like a monkey, so maybe she was in cahoots with "Munky"...
Was it Ms. Sojourner??? If it was she has got some serious splaning to do about her spelling... You would think she was home schooled by someone who couldn't spell! Oh yeah, she was. Me.

Or was it Mr. Sojourner??? That outfit is highly suspicious.
Who do you think the culprit is?

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