Monday, July 5, 2010

Flashback: January '10

For New Year's weekend we had a camp out with our co-workers. We also went to see a nearby waterfall. Little Sojourner loved playing in the water.

Mr. Sojourner got malaria for the first time.

Mr. Sojourner had to travel to Kenya for a graduate class and the Lord provided a way for the girls and I to go with him. We got to do really fun stuff that we hadn't been able to do in months. (My favorite fun thing was speaking English. My brain sure appreciated the rest!) We played putt-putt and Little Sojourner got a hole-in-one!

We got to go to a movie theatre several times to see English! (I know that probably doesn't sound real exciting, but when you have been away from stuff like this for seven months it is super exciting!)

We saw lots of green and enjoyed every second of it (the part of Africa we live in is very brown). Here is Middle Sojourner with tea fields stretching out in the distance. We took a tour of a tea farm.

We got to feed monkeys at the tea farm. There is Little Sojourner hand feeding the monkey a banana.

We had lunch and tea time at the tea farm. Here is Ms. Sojourner enjoying her tea.

This was another one of my favorite things in Kenya...the Maasai Market. Thankfully I had been in Africa long enough to have mastered price negotiation. Lots of cool handmade crafts.

We visited the Giraffe Center and got to pet and feed the giraffes. Here is Mr. Sojourner and Little Sojourner feeding Daisy.

Another one of my favorite things was visiting the Kazuri factory. Their stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!! This definitely fueled my new love for beaded jewelry. You can order it online, but it is much cheaper in Kenya. Oh yeah, except for the whole plane ticket to Kenya thing.

Photo by Brittany Donald
We also visited an Elephant Orphanage. My kiddos LOVED this! Who am I kidding?! I LOVED this. Those little elephants were a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! My Little Sojourner is pretty stinkin' cute too. :)

Thanks to the Lord and the blessings of others we were also able to go on a safari and stay at Lake Nakuru Lodge with a sweet group of ladies from the US. It was amazing.


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