Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things They Say Here...

But not in the US.

"Give me your ____." (watch, outfit, etc.)
Translation: "I really like your _____." (See above fill-in-the-blanks.)

"I want to marry your daughter." (Who is 9, 7, or 4, btw!)
Translation: "Your daughter is very beautiful."

"You are very fat." or "You are gaining weight!" (Said like this is a great thing.)
Translation: "You are beautiful." or "You look great." or "You must be wealthy to be able to eat that much." or "Your husband must be wealthy to be able to feed you that much."

"You are thin." or "You are losing weight."
Translation: "You don't look good." or "Can't you afford to eat?"

"You are a bean eater."
Translation: "You fart!"

"You eat like we give medicine to a goat."
Translation: "You can't stick your whole hand in your mouth to eat like I can."

"May God give you a husband."
Translation: "You really should get married."

"If God wills."
Translation: "Don't count on it."

"I don't have any money." or "I don't have enough money."
Translation: "I don't want to but the bazillionth ______ that someone has tried to sell me today." (phone card, apple, bag of water, plastic juicer, plastic toy gun, pirated DVD, kleenex box, smelly thing to hang on the rearview mirror, etc.)

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